About Us

Codenizer is a cutting edge fintech solutions provider with expertise in banking system architecture, advanced financial frameworks and payment solutions for fintech ecosystems.

Our vision is to improve lives globally by reshaping banking

Our Mission

Codenizer is working towards seamless banking by adding structure and clarity to financial services and products. Our solutions offer the means to make the transition from incoherent opaque banking frameworks to a transparent and reliable financial network infrastructure.

Our Essence

Our foundations are built on Trust, Reliability, and Transparency. We work with our clients and partners in an open and collaborative way. We prioritise with our clients which strengthens our relationships.

Our Promise

To deliver secure, reliable and efficient fintech solutions for every need. This is at the centre of our everyday life.

Our Company

Founded in 2018, Codenizer is a technology provider for the fintech sector. We specialize in architecting and building banking systems and advanced payment solutions. Our fintech domain and business knowledge makes us a unique technology provider in this space. Our solutions aspire to deliver an unparalleled quality of user experience by incorporating state of the art technologies and practices with our key proprietary tools and solutions. By engaging with our clients during various stages of their product life cycle, we enable them to craft their ideas into reality by creating secure and well structured products. Most of our clients come through referrals with our top principals working closely with them. Our clients enjoy working with us because we support their business decisions. Our cultural values of reliability, innovation, efficiency and precision is our guiding compass while making decisions and conducting business, and is the cornerstone of our firm's ethos.

Our Clients

  • TXpay
  • LaunchPay
  • HSBC

Our Partners

  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Modul8

Globally Present

  • South East Asia
  • UK
  • EU
  • Australia
  • Serbia